Dolce Bakery Brings You Traditional Bagels!

It’s no secret that Cape Town is always right on trend; you’ll find it all in this cosmopolitan city, but what about traditional, delicious, boiled bagels? When you think of Bagels, you think of New York, the hum drum of the city that never sleeps where people start their mornings with a bagel drenched in cream cheese and a cappuccino. It’s had our mouth watering and that’s why you will find an authentic bagel at Dolce Bakery! We believe bagels are beautiful, ring-shaped, chewy yet crusty godsends and we decided that our Capetonians needed a New Yorker wake up or for any meal really.

What makes a bagel authentic? It’s in the way you make it. You allow the dough to generate a beautiful flavour by fermenting overnight and just before you bake it, you boil it in a salt solution. Boiling gives the bagel its unique texture and qualities. We hate to brag but we doubt you’ll find a better bagel than in our shop.


If you need catering for your event, we have got you covered. We can cater for almost for almost any number of guests with cocktail pastries and confectionaries to bagel and croissant sandwiches to pies and other savouries.

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